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Creating a community where youths and young adults can plug into the power of artistic expression.

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Connect and Heal Programs

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Connect and Heal is an artistic mentoring program facilitated in a small group format. Participants are involved in various artistic activities that promote a sense of belonging. Offered outside of school time, our high quality recreational programs foster an appreciation for visual, literary and performing arts.

Connecting through the art of poetry

poetry artsConnect and Heal is dedicated to fostering an appreciation for poetry. We lead group poetry writing workshops or our participants. Our volunteer poets provide coaching to our participants in a nurturing and safe group environment.


Connecting through the art of storytelling

Connect and Heal - StorytellingFor decades, the art of storytelling has inspired individuals, connected communities and created cultural awareness. Connect and Heal’s volunteer storytellers promote the oral tradition of storytelling through mentoring participants’ improvisation and embellishment skills. Group learning activities culminate into special event performances.


Connecting through visual arts

visual artistryConnect and Heal’s visual-arts program seeks to expose our group participants to a variety of visual art techniques. It encompasses activities such as drawing, painting, decorative artistry and crafts.




Connecting through emerging artistry

Poetry - Connect and Heal Emerging AritstryArt is not static. As technology advances, new forms of art such as graffiti art, social artworking and digital poetry emerges daily. Connect and Heal invites our participants and mentees to experience different art forms and disciplines. Exploration of emerging artistry evokes empathy and understanding between cultures and create meaningful connections.